Friday, 7 February 2014

We've found our house!

So I think we've found our house! After ringing up to find that both of the houses we were interested  in have been taken, we were surprised to find out the people also owned another house and we went to see that today. It was the closest to perfect we were going to get. It has massive rooms, a curly staircase and enough room for a table! There was one downside and that is that one bedroom is only a 3/4 double compared to a full double, this is workable and makes the house irresistible! 

After seeing the house, we talked it over at KFC and unanimously agreed this was by far the best house we've seen. We will be getting the contract on Monday and the future lawyer in me can't wait to read over it. Is that sad? Look, isn't it beautiful? 

Future house
 I love that it has a nice big alley to grow vegetables and gives us loads of room to get in the house. 2 bathrooms and a mini utility room. 

Our future house

I really can't wait and also get a bus pass that gives me the freedom to go anywhere :)

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