Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekend shenanigans.. in the middle of the week

Today I realised it had been more than a month since my last exam! Wow, time has flown. Yesterday I got a letter from school saying what was going to happen on results day, which reminded me it was less than a month away!!

We celebrated Kiera's birthday on Wednesday and were still finishing off the cake (she got 3!) and the rest of the days have been filled with gardening. Luke jet washed my name into the drive and of course I got a picture.

Luke jetwashed my name into the drive

It was so warm yesterday (almost 30 degrees) that we just had to have  a BBQ! (although if your stuck for something to wear to a BBQ you should check out my last post here). I made kebabs with green and red peppers, mushrooms and beef cubes, they were delicious and you should definitely try making some of your own!

Home made kebabs
The making of a kebab

This weekend we are heading down to New Forest as part of the sun holiday promotion and it looks like its going to be great weather- perfect for sunbathing on the beach! 

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