Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Where has the time gone?! An appologetic, rambling post on what's going on.

For a while I had put this blog on hold. 

I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take and whether I wanted to share some deeply personal things that had happened and caused me to take some time out and re evaluate. And then someone I know found this blog, and it scared me. I guess that's the risk of writing about people on the internet. Although I was usually very careful about what I published, I couldn't guarantee that every word I had written was not going to offend someone in some way or let slip some little detail that shouldn't be on the internet. 

I guess I was also embarrassed, Blogging was (and is?) my secret hobby, no one really knew the extent to which I blogged and the websites I have written content for. I'd hate for people who I dislike to know details they shouldn't know about or be interested in (and I do know someone people who would find the information and use it to make fun of me) but I guess that is the risk of writing about your life on the internet. 

I've had some time to think and I would love to start blogging again. I have some pretty exciting things coming up this year (getting married, graduating university and moving away!) but the stress of having to recreate stories and life events perfectly summed up in a short post was overwhelming and as a result I have missed documenting some important milestones in my life these past few years. 

For fun, I did an experiment where I created a whole new blog (complete with something new- a youtube channel!) in preparation for documenting my adventures this year, to see if without the pressure I still enjoyed blogging. While it was fun to start with, life soon caught me up and the style of blog I wanted to create was what I had already achieved with this one. I loved the name, I loved the layout, I loved everything. But the prospect of re evaluating every post I had already written, as well as the knowledge that some people I wish to keep out of my life already had this blog address was stopping me reclaiming my blog. 

I'm still not sure whether to just continue and take my blog in the direction I want to go (which means also vlogging my adventures) or continue with my experimental blog and just start from the beginning. 

So I'm reaching out to any readers out there, who may have some advice or some tips for me? 

Thank you if you've read to the end of this really long post. I'd also like to apologise to all of the lovely people who have left me comments which I haven't replied too. Previously I'd get a notification when someone left a comment so I could reply but for some reason I haven't been, so I assumed I didn't get any comments. Sorry again.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

My wardrobe adventures in remixing, capsule's and minimalist an update

I'm still editing down my wardrobe to only things I'll definitely wear and absolutely love. This isn't going so well, I have so many pretty dresses that I've worn at least once and that I just can't throw away. As a student I do go out a lot so as they are still being worn and are part of my current lifestyle then I think I'll just have to admit that I have more dresses than I need. Perhaps in the future I'll pull out the nude sparkly knee length dress and assess whether I really do still wear and love it or whether it's just sitting there to make it look like I have pretty clothes. 
My wadrobe, the far right hanging clothes are Luke's as are the very bottom shelf.
I do think I am doing well though, I have removed a lot of clothes I'd never wear and have bundled them up in the loft. The only downside of this is that I immediately second guess my decision and end up going back up in the loft to fetch it down and while I'm up there I'll notice another item that I'd previously forgotten about and bring it down just to look pretty in my wardrobe again and never wear. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

My new minimalist/ capsule wardrobe on a student budget

With the prospect of leaving home for good next year and renting a house with Luke I have started to cut down on the stuff I keep but don't really need or want, specifically my wardrobe. 

I have quite a few clothes, and so many beautiful pieces but nothing to wear them with so they just get to sit on the hanger looking pretty. I've looked at a capsule wardrobe but changing my clothes seasonally probably wouldn't work for me, so I'm aiming for a wardrobe full of clothes I wear and love year round. I have separated my summer clothes into different shelves in my wardrobe (one for tops and one for shorts/ 3/4's) so in a way I guess it is a capsule wardrobe but without the hassle of searching through piles of clothes every 3 months. 

I have sorted through my wardrobe and got rid of lots of items that I don't or wouldn't wear for various reasons. I have also pulled out all of the clothes which need ironing (because I'm lazy and the prospect of ironing something just to be able to wear it that day doesn't appeal to me) and the clothes which need mending. I've also turned the hangers on some items I have given myself a second chance to wear and then if I don't choose them at the earliest chance I have to wear them then I will donate them. 

I have also been shopping (mainly primark) for the basics which means I can wear those nice skirts and have some tights (I actually bought mine from poundland), new jeans etc. Somehow my wardrobe was missing plain sleeved tops in grey, black, nude and white. I think this is because when I had these tops they weren't matched with anything (because I had a very bland sense of style) and just worn on their own so were donated, but now thanks to pinterest I know exactly how I want to style these items. Today I have also bought some cardigans and new shoes from everything £5.com which will hopefully add some more basics to my wardrobe. 

In a few days when I have had chance to recover from the purge I will go through and do it all again. Especially aiming to get rid of those clothes I have given myself a second chance to wear again. 

Have you ever completed a capsule wardrobe? let me know in the comments

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Easy egg free chocolate mug cake recipe

I've tried and tested most of the mug cake recipes around being a student and all that, so today I thought I'd share my favourite recipe. This is a great recipe if you can't eat eggs or perhaps like me you can't justify using an egg every day at cake time.

A different mug cake, I will upload a better pic soon

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My valentines day with Luke

The last week has been such a busy week as Luke came down to stay for the whole week! 

We had an amazing time just spending time together. For valentines day we visited the quality hotel in stoke. It was great but the people weren't so fantastic. First, the cleaning lady barged in without even knocking when we had only just checked in (and I certainly don't know how that could've happened as the receptionist radioed to see if 214 had been cleaned and it had). And in the morning another housekeeper tried to enter the room, its safe to say I didn't get much sleep that night inbetween the loud people around us and the non locking doors- we even put a chair against it and I still didn't feel safe knowing practically anyone could enter at any time. 

We then headed downstairs to the leisure centre area which was amazing with the pool, sauna and steam room (which I've definitely been missing since coming back from Egypt). Before returning to the room for a quick change and then a romantic stroll to burger king for our tea. 

It was a nice hotel with great facilities but I definitely won't be returning. Me and Luke tried to make the best of a bad situation and we did have a nice time overall. 

Also, I keep teasing Luke about getting engaged. On valentines day alone he mentioned us getting married 8 (!!) times but also complained he felt pressured. I do admit we are getting harassed about it by some family. I think he wants me to not expect it so is trying everything to distract me- well it's not working!