Friday, 30 January 2015

Lesson learnt! Never put petroleum jelly (vaseline) in your hair to condition it

Last night, as I was watching the snow fall from my window, I wondered what I could do to make my hair healthier. I've already taken to cutting my hair myself (£30 for a simple wash and cut? no thank you) so I am able to give it regular trims but I wanted to tame the friziness and fly-aways.

Now, my hair is not overly frizzy but it is really really thin. I had read somewhere that oil (like coconut oil) really helps but the thing is I didn't have any coconut oil and the most moisturising oil I could think of is my tub of pure petroleum jelly (vaseline or lip balm) from the poundshop. So onto my hair it went over night. 

I do not recommend doing this at all (even though now my hair is very soft) as it is impossible to get off. In the end I think a combination of washing up liquid and white vinegar did bring it off, which is the most unhealthy thing you could put on hair. 

Tonight I will be putting on a hair mask and staying away from oils. Perhaps i'll even put on a face mask and make a pamper night of it- so I guess it didn't work out too badly in the end. Although I should have realised it wouldn't work out as conditioners make my hair greasy anyway. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Have you had any beauty mishaps? Let me know in the comments