Sunday, 2 December 2012

First gym and spa experience...

So after being tricked with the promise of a spa, I reluctantly visited a gym. This could be considered laziness, however I see it as last on my priorities in my pre a-level exam list. 

To my surprise it wasn't that bad, I mean it would have been far worse if at least one tv wasn't playing E4. So, after watching an (unseen!) episode of How I Met Your Mother, it was decided that I had spent far longer there than I had intended. So in between peeling myself off the cycling seat and heading towards another cycling machine (this time situated between Holloaks and Bargain Hunt) time melted away. 

After an interesting swim in the pool we headed to the spa. Met by the unexpected surprise of an ice machine! Having recently been on holiday where I practically lived off the slushie machine (yes, in October) it was a great surprise (as was the unexpected gift from The Boyfriend <3) and I made a mental note to fill my water bottle with something similar to slushie syrup next time I went. 

The sauna was, well, very hot. And "smelled of burning coals" apparently. But it was by far my favourite. Even if it was too hot to sit down at some points. The smelly room as we called it was really steamy, which I guess is the whole point. All the little bits were what made the whole "spa" experience.

It was all very enjoyable but my favourite part is deffinately afterwards when we went to morrisons and bought a whole tub of Heroes to eat on the way home. Imagine all the looks we got. Best idea. Ever!

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