Sunday, 18 August 2013

Today was a calm day

It's officially 5 days until I'm off on holiday, so I've been working to make sure I have enough scheduled and drafted posts to fill the days when I'm too busy soaking up the sun to hide inside on the computer. There are some great posts coming up so make sure you don't miss them!

We started off the day by snacking on the humongous cake Luke and I made last night. 1 hour, 2 lots of icing and 6 eggs later it was complete... and delicious!

 After finishing the equivalent of half a cake between us, we jumped in the car to walk off some of the excess sugar. Bringing Maddie was a mistake, she cried in the car all the way there and was so shattered on the way back that no where was comfy enough so spent the car ride home scratching her mat to make herself comfy but we all really enjoyed the much needed fresh air- even Maddie. Before retiring on the settee, watching movies until it was bedtime.

It's nice to know that now I have nothing to worry about until the end of September but it also means that at any time after our holiday Luke could be called away to basic training. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle being away from my bestest friend and starting a new life away from home. Hopefully he'll be finished with whatever he needs to do by the time I'm in my second year and we can share a student house together. But for now its just taking each day as it comes and I can't wait to go snorkeling with him!

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