Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My valentines day with Luke

The last week has been such a busy week as Luke came down to stay for the whole week! 

We had an amazing time just spending time together. For valentines day we visited the quality hotel in stoke. It was great but the people weren't so fantastic. First, the cleaning lady barged in without even knocking when we had only just checked in (and I certainly don't know how that could've happened as the receptionist radioed to see if 214 had been cleaned and it had). And in the morning another housekeeper tried to enter the room, its safe to say I didn't get much sleep that night inbetween the loud people around us and the non locking doors- we even put a chair against it and I still didn't feel safe knowing practically anyone could enter at any time. 

We then headed downstairs to the leisure centre area which was amazing with the pool, sauna and steam room (which I've definitely been missing since coming back from Egypt). Before returning to the room for a quick change and then a romantic stroll to burger king for our tea. 

It was a nice hotel with great facilities but I definitely won't be returning. Me and Luke tried to make the best of a bad situation and we did have a nice time overall. 

Also, I keep teasing Luke about getting engaged. On valentines day alone he mentioned us getting married 8 (!!) times but also complained he felt pressured. I do admit we are getting harassed about it by some family. I think he wants me to not expect it so is trying everything to distract me- well it's not working!