Sunday, 16 February 2014

Valentines day

For our 5th valentines day (even though I put 6th in Luke's card!) we had a whole day of l-o-v-e celebrations. After (my very tiring) back to back 4 hours of lectures and tutorials, I caught the bus in the pouring rain to meet Luke at the Travelodge. 
Sadly, the bus driver missed my stop due to traffic and me & Luke ended up walking straight past each other. We managed to finally meet outside of Morrison's and head to the hotel. Opening the door to room 310, I was greeted by the prettiest cookie jar, filled with homemade cookies and a single fake rose (our tradition). 

After exchanging presents and a quick change we were ready to go for a romantic meal for two at our favourite chain of restaurants, Flaming Grill while this one was called The Polite Vicar. The table was decorated with little love hearts and we had an amazing time. Luke chose the BBQ Porky Grill while I had The Mega Hotdog I'd been dreaming about. After finishing off the meal with chocolate cake (for Luke) and a chocolate sundae (for me) we slowly waddled back to our room, still in the pouring rain.

The next morning we headed out for breakfast at Sainsbury's and had the most filling fry up! (It's called a big breakfast if you want to try one- and you should). I then discovered it was so close to the house we have chosen to live in later this year, so of course I had to take Luke a little walk to see the house and I'm pretty sure he loved it. 

Back at uni, we challenged Caitlin and Rob to a game of pool. Luke was obviously the best, and he even said I was the best out of the girls. I doubt that! Despite this we lost. 4-5. I accidentally potted the black one time, lost another 2 times, and won 2.  They cheated and it obviously wasn't a fair win, especially as Luke appeared to throw some shots to show me "its okay not to win". Yeah, thanks Luke because now I'll never live it down. I do not appreciate you trying to teach me a lesson.