Thursday, 26 June 2014

4 meal times for 2 with a holiday budget of just £5!

Tuesday was my birthday and Luke surprised me with an amazing unicorn pandora charm, bubbles and a mini holiday to Butlins!

I am beyond excited and recently I have been getting into couponing (66% savings!) U.K style, so it seemed fitting that I chose an extremely tight budget (£5) and try to feed the two of us for 4 dinner times and snacks during our holiday. (Breakfast and evening meals won't be counted in the budget as they are included in our holiday but if you were planning something similar perhaps extend the budget x3 to include these meals.) I should also mention that taking food with us is possible as we will be staying within the UK, so this may not be possible if you are going abroad. 

I will update this post to add to the list regularly over the next 2 weeks so check back soon!

1 x free 1.25l coke zero coupon (saved from the free sun newspaper a few weeks ago)


1 x free subway cookie (emailed as a birthday treat)

Eating out
2 x £5 harvester giftcard (after completing this easy survey 1 time each)

The harvester giftcard will be used either on a starter, pudding or takeaway menu, the cookie will be free.