Friday, 27 June 2014

Why I love couponing in the UK- the basics of couponing and stockpiling

Compared to America, you may think there isn't much point couponing in the UK due to the limited savings you can achieve. While you won't be able to get 70 tubes of toothpaste for next to nothing you can achieve some considerable savings. 

So far I have achieved an average of 66% savings by combining coupons with supermarket offers.

Right now, for example, shloer is on offer at tesco for £1.12, while usually this is a bargain on its own, combining it with this 50p off coupon it makes it only 62p! The regular retail price (RRP) is  £2.25 so we have saved £1.63 or 72% on the RRP! 

Imagine those types of savings on brands you buy every day.

Via MrsJanuary

Once you start couponing, its addictive. You'll find the extreme couponers with a garage full of stockpiled items. But if you're getting items so cheap why do you need to save them through stockpiling? Its simple- they buy enough of the item when its only pennies on the pound to last them until the item is on sale again to avoid having to pay full price. Then, when they run out of an item, they can 'shop' for it from their stockpile thus saving money. 

A stockpile shouldn't just be created and then left to expire, the items should be used constantly and be continually replaced. This is why you may see couponers in the store with only deodorant or cleaning products in their trolley and no food- this is because it is already in their stockpile!

So instead of saving 72% on just one bottle of shloer they will buy 3 or 4 so they are saving 4 times that amount, which is roughly £6.52. They will have paid £2.48 for 4 bottles of shloer instead of £9 which they'd have had to pay if they bought it at full price. They will then put the extra bottles into their stockpile. A good rule of thumb is to buy as many bottles as you have coupons for, up to the value of the RRP or what you would usually pay for that item. So as the RRP is £2.25 we can get 4 bottles for just over the usual cost for 1.

I use these sites to research and plan where to use my coupons:

I use Caring everyday, supersavvyme, freebie hunters, uk couponing and the facebook site to research the most recent coupons and then use supermarketspecialoffers and mysupermarket to see which supermarkets have the best deal on that product (make sure to check the supermarkets own website to double check the price). Then I check the terms and conditions listed on the coupon to make sure that I won't be committing coupon fraud. 

It's illegal to photocopy coupons and use a coupon for something you haven't purchased, among others. Sometimes you won't be able to use more than one coupon per purchase so you may not be able to take advantage of the 2 for £-- offers you sometimes see. Also you cannot stack coupons as they usually cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

So go on, give couponing a go and see how much you can save!

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