Saturday, 31 January 2015

My "quick spa" kit

Today I fancied a bit of a spa day, as a practice for my big valentines date with Luke. I also took this opportunity to get rid of the last of my petroleum jelly from my hair (you can read about my disaster here).

In my "quick spa" kit there is: 
  • A hair mask (I use Herbal Essences from poundworld)
  • A mud face mask (also from poundworld)
  • My Wonder wipe for wiping off the mask
  • and a flannel which I used for removing the dead skin cells off my face with my usual face wash before applying the mud mask

Usually if I have a bit more time I might exfoliate, shave my legs and get rid of the dead skin cells from my heels but that will have to wait for another post. A "quick spa" is a quick beauty regime that takes about 30 minutes or less- I combined mine with my morning shower to save even more time.

Let me know what would be in your "quick spa" kit in the comments below.

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