Monday, 2 February 2015

My new years resolution and my initial thoughts on no poo

I'm a bit late with a new years resolution as it is now February but due to holidays, exams and revision for those exams I barely had any time to sleep during January. So even though I've already started making changes in order to be healthier I thought I would formally announce my resolution on the blog in order to keep to it and allow any one else who may be interested to follow along or just watch my progress.

Like many people my new years resolution is to be healthier. I've already started:
  • Drinking more water
  • Eating less junk food (its the sugar cravings) 
  • Exercising more 
  • Taking more care with my nails, hair, skin, teeth etc 
So far its all going pretty well. Over the summer I developed a love for jars and consequently collected a load. I have now re-purposed these jars into cups and use them to keep my water cool and they look really cute too, which definitely helps! (you can see my tutorial on that here). 

I've allowed myself a ration of only 1 small cup of cola per day (I've already made sure its sugar free) and allowed a small sweet or bar of chocolate and/or make a mug cake from a book I got from Kiera for christmas around 4pm. I used to eat a load of sugary snacks so this is a great compromise for me, some people may be able to give it all up in one go but I can't do that. I find smaller steps make it easier for me and then I'm more than likely to fulfill my goal. This reduction in sugar has already helped my spots (as does the exam stress being over) and I'm really trying to find a daily routine which will help me manage it and have even better skin.

In terms of exercising more I have been doing light stretching occasionally but today pushed the boat out and did a 10 minute workout + stretching before my shower. I've done the 10 minute workouts before and they were actually just as good as some hour workouts I've done. Like I said, small steps make it easier to fulfill your goals. 

And finally, I already take vitamins to help with my overall health. One thing I do need to work on is my sleeping pattern and the amount of sleep I get. It has been messed up from going on holiday to Egypt and then with all the exam stress it was hard to sleep, so I really need to start getting back into a routine with that. I've started looking into the chemicals I'm putting on my skin in terms of shampoo, deodorant etc and am currently thinking about going no poo, which is not using shampoo with the harsh chemicals. I'm also planning on getting some coconut oil which I've heard can replace most beauty products so I'm looking forward to giving that a go.