Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The beauty of buying cheap makeup (a little rant)

Now I don't know if you're anything like me but I hate it when watching youtube make up tutorials you see the vloggers use a tiny amount of the product which you don't have, but that they recommend, and so you have to go and find reviews on that product and basically have to guess if it'll work for you without buying it and trying it. 

Now that's all fine but usually the products are so expensive. I don't want to waste £7 or even £3 on something that will sit in the bottom of my makeup bag until I donate it to my sister or throw it out. To me that is just a massive waste of money. I'm not saying don't try new things etc etc sometimes its good to experiment but what I personally don't do, is buy lots of expensive make up.

I usually buy my makeup at the poundshops and I really don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'm a student. I don't have the money to waste on expensive palates of eyeshadow or a certain brand of lipstick. And even if I wasn't a student I still wouldn't buy makeup from a certain brand just to fit in with everyone else, like those people who only buy food from Waitrose or only shop in Harrods to impress other people with the money they have. Make up isn't really high up on my priorities, sure I wear makeup every day but I don't feel the need to buy every new product just because. I purposely avoid buying branded things, I hate people who are brand snobs and are unwilling to try new things. Fair enough if you've tried alternatives and their not as good, then that's absolutely okay if you prefer that brand of lipstick. But if you're not prepared to try everything before you "recommend" a brand, how am I supposed to trust your opinion?

And who says budget makeup isn't very good? I am so tempted to start doing make up tutorials with the cheapest makeup I use to prove that it isn't all crap. You can find some amazing (and branded) things in the poundshops so why wouldn't you want to buy it cheaper and save the money for other things? Like a car or even more makeup. When you start bargain hunting and really paying attention to how much money you waste on non essential items its hard to stop yourself thinking how this money could be put to better use.