Monday, 11 June 2012

Potty puppy...

Today was the first day back after study leave, and as usual, there was mountains of work awaiting us. After a stressful hour (all lessons but one were cancelled- complete waste of time getting up) I was allowed to escape. And by allowed, I mean I practically ran out of the gates. This was, of course, celebrated when I got home with loud music and weird dancing. Who cares right? No one will know. Aha, but they did, in fact I'm sure the whole street was aware of my private party. Thanks to Maddie (my dog) who, just recently, has developed a severe hatred of plant pots!! Barking incessantly at them to alert the whole street to the fact she had been left outside during my party and was not happy about it- her next plan of revenge? having a good game of bogie's with herself and tearing the plastic pot to pieces. I just had to video it, it was sooo hard keeping a straight face while telling her off though- she's so mischievous.

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