Saturday, 10 August 2013

D is for duped dreadlocks as modeled by Angelina Jolie. Alphabet challenge #4

Ever wondered what its like to have dreadlocks? Is dreadlocks on your hairstyles to try list? Have you ever seen Gone in 60 seconds? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should totally watch gone in 60 seconds (again!). It stars Angelina Joile as Sara 'sway' Wayland and its a great film! But I'm not here to talk about the film, I'm here to talk about her hair. 

Which is known as temporary dreadlocks or as its week D in the alphabet challenge, Duped Dreadlocks. And more specifically how you can replicate this style at home...

Below are 3 different methods that may work for different types of hair, there is also a video tutorial from  LadyBlitz.

Method 1
Apply to day old hair (the day after shampooing) so any natural oils keep the twists in place and so they won't fall out as easily. 

  1. Divide hair into 1 inch sections around your head (so you may need someone to help you) from ear to ear and clip each strand on top of your head so that each section can be individually twisted. 
  2. Unclip a section of the hair and use hair wax (alternatively you can use paste or grease) to coat the length of the hair from a quarter of an inch from the roots to the very ends of the hair.  Less is definitely more here and this style shouldn't be in place for more than 2 days or you could end up with permanent dreadlocks or even bald! 
  3. Twist the strand clockwise until it is all twisted. Try to avoid twisting it too tightly or the strand will unwind faster. Attach an alligator clip to the bottom or secure in place with small elastic hair bands.
  4. Work from side to side, twisting each strand individually and then securing it at the bottom.
  5. After all the hair is twisted use hairspray to secure in place. Particularly focus on the middle of the hair and the ends. 
  6. Leave the twists in place for as long as possible or overnight. Remove a few clips/ bobbles to see if the twists stay in place, if they do then remove them all as the hairstyle is done!
Method 2
This is similar to method 1 but will take a lot less time- 30 minutes to be exact! Follow methods 1-5 but then use a hairdryer. The full instructions are below:
  1. Section hair into small 1" or 1.5" squares
  2. Use wax or a wax alternative on each section
  3. Twist each section around your finger until they become thick strands
  4. Set your new dreads with a blow dryer. Or for a different look, try a flat iron.
Method 3

Let me know how it turns out and if you've ever had dreadlocks before? Want to join the alphabet challenge?
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