Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The busiest time of the year

So this week has been pretty busy, with all the holiday homework and two carveries (yes, 2, within 4 days- definitely a record) I haven't had much time for myself. Today I made time. So I thought I'd upload some pics I've took this week otherwise they'd just sit in my phone. For the first carvery I went out with my friends and my amazing boyfriend tagged along (it was definitely so much easier and less stressful with him there and everyone loved it) and for the second carvery I went out with my Dads side of the family. The smoke alarm went off while I was in the middle of eating the massive pudding (Luckily I shared this one with my sister and Dad, but didn't manage to get a pic of the first one I shared with Luke as it was gone within 3 minutes or less!) but I was not leaving it behind. Sadly no firefighters came as it was caused by the smoke in the function room but was an eventful evening anyway. 

The massive pudding I shared, it was delicious!
Blurry Panorama of the second carvery as everyone kept moving!
A self pic, love the necklace from L
My Nan and Sister, they loved it!
My amazing sister
Table number 23 then table 1

Me and Luke, after a great night out <3
Im on the far right
Great camera skills L surprised they let u take another pic!

Loving Christmas time this year, even though I still have exams in exactly a month! I love seeing all the lights, decorations and Christmas songs playing on the radio. I will be sad when it all seems to instantly end on boxing day, well, only for a year!

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