Monday, 31 December 2012

Soliders home for Christmas

After trawling round trying to find a burger king, Google maps kindly directed us to a service station about half an hours' drive back towards home. Typical. Almost as soon as we sat down, what looked like a solider walked in. And then another. And finally another. One of them was transfixed by his phone and his wedding ring, they were probably coming home for Christmas.

I just couldn't stop staring, as in less than a year my boyfriend will be one of them. 

I started this blog as a place to record my feelings and as a way of expressing them after a break up of our relationship. L hurt me, he really did but now it all seems so pointless. Nothing happened except the destruction of trust, which was probably all planned for maximum effect. 

Our relationship is now stronger and better, but the trust is still taking its time to fully return. If it was later in the year then would I have still given us a chance? Would Luke be one of the soldiers without the dazzling wedding ring heading home for Christmas? 

I guess I'm not really sure what will happen to our relationship when were following our own paths next year, but for now, I'm just happy how it is. 

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