Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tis the season... for man flu!

Watch out! Looks like man-flu is around again. 

It started sometime last week when the boyf decided he just did not want to wear a coat, something about "it's not that cold." Well, I made sure he regretted that comment. So while I was out braving the antarctic-like weather on the walk to school, he was all nice and cosy tucked up in bed. 

He even found an article which said something along the lines of 'the best cure of man-flu is a woman's sympathy' you can read the full article here

The boyf even took it as far as to lay on my futon and then fall asleep right in the middle of our conversation, so what did I do? Took pictures of course!

The red mark you can see is where he was laid on his hand when he fell asleep. Not comfy at all.

Although don't forget "man flu is real!!!" well apparently anyway :)

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