Friday, 5 July 2013

just a lazy day!

There's a problem I hadn't thought through with naming my blog and that's being able to actually remember what happened yesterday.

Anyway, I had another go at my prom makeup, I definitely like this one better (you can see other makeup versions here) and it goes with all my dresses. Although I have no idea how I did it so it looks like I'll have to experiment a few more times, and if all else fails... just make it up on prom night. 

It was cloudy mostly but after a quick walk to the job center then to Morrisons (I bought my first bottle of vodka!) I was shattered. Although it was 20ish degrees it was too hot to sit outside so Luke decided to put both Batman films on in the conservatory.

Sunny outside but sat inside watching Batman
It was too hot to be outside

Everyone was tired by 4

I finally tried out my ice shot glass mould- I love it! I must've made around 10 ice shots and drank from many more, bearing in mind it's only a 4 shot glass mould you could say I'm obsessed. Going to try putting cooled boiled water in next because apparently it makes them clear. 

Some of the shot glasses with shloer in the middle
Luke's favourite glass- hardly see them in shops
Nice drink in the garden with Lukesky

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