Thursday, 31 January 2013


I'm pretty sure I've made up my mind now. There are so many choices to be made. What type of coursework should I do? Which career path should I follow? Would a certain type of degree be good for me? And the answers are still unknown. I'm planning to visit Keele again this weekend, probably have a more in-depth look around, then other open days as and when they fit in with my other plans.

In other news yesterday I found out I had been awarded my school colours. I am one of only 20 people out of 1100 this year to get their colours (which is the highest award given to students) although its too late to put on my ucas, its still an honour and will look great on my CV. This was a complete surprise and had no idea I had even been nominated. A pannel of people deciding I have leadership qualitites (including the head teacher) is certainly a compliment! 

"The *N* uniform also comprises a blazer typically displaying the house badge; the exception is a highly prestigious award, the Colours, which replaces the house crest and features the school emblem."

Also I am going skiing in a week or two with Dad, although challenging (certain people may be going who I'm not too sure about) it will be great getting away from all the school work and pressures of deciding my future. 

My ski's from last year!
My favoruite run from skiing 2012
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