Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sheffield, Meadowhall, other plans

I wasn't planning on posting this tonight but I've had such a great day with Kiera & Luke in Sheffield and then in Meadowhall I just had to upload the pictures. Altogether we took 2 buses and 4 trains to get us there and probably took around a million steps- it was a long day but so much fun!

Luke on the train
Luke on the train
Me & Luke on the train home
Me and Kiera on the way to meadowhall

Some boots Kiera would not let me buy
I really liked them

Kiera absolutely hated those boots, she said they were like molded jelly! I thought they'd be quite nice for autumn/ winter and so I might have to secretly buy a pair. 

My ticket for the year 13 prom
I never get post (with online bank statements and what not) so I was extremely surprised to get a letter. I'm glad it was my prom ticket- I was beginning to get worried I wouldn't be able to go. It's less than a week away now so I'm starting to get nervous. I bought some Ice/ jelly mold shot glasses to get some practice in. The letter says if you turn up drunk you'll be sent home- but knowing my limits I'll probably be on the floor by the time were meant to leave for prom. Haha- good luck Luke!  Prom is only a week away and I'm actually getting nervous- think I'm going to have to film how I do my make up and hair etc because I know when the time comes I'll have forgotten it all, there's some great inspiration on youtube.
I bought Luke an experience
It's been a couple of days- maybe even weeks since Luke officially completed his college course but I never really had a chance to show him how proud I am! He is now trained to be a junior electrical technician (or something like that) and I am so proud of him especially because I knew he could do it and was so glad when he started aiming a lot higher when he moved in (yeah who makes him do bad in exams now b****?!) Of course I said well done and smothered him with kisses but as we're at home all the time it can get a bit repetitive so I bought an experience on lastminute to go to Donington race course museum which has the largest collection of F1 cars- I know him so well, he's dead excited!
What the giftcard message said
The only downside is that he's gonna want to spend all day there, taking pictures of them all and to be honest I am actually quite excited. He won't show it now in case it doesn't happen but I can't wait to see how excited he is when we get there! 5 malls with over 130 exhibits gives me the idea we'll be there all week- he's never going to want to leave. 

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