Sunday, 7 July 2013

The day I accidentally got tipsy

Relaxing in the sunshine
Afternoon snack

Relaxing in the garden
Kiera looking stylish
Sunday sippin'

Lukesy posing
Maddie with Luke

I blame it on Mum- she gave me a straw and said you get drunker if you drink it through a straw. 
Shopping was the first port of call today. We must have spent around 4 hours shopping for a holiday (and Kieras work experience) that we haven't even booked yet. Luke stayed at home so naturally I found something he needs- a snorkel. I have a green one Nan bought me on the last holiday we went on, but I saw a perfect light blue one. Whats the point of going into exotic seas and not exploring the wildlife?? Which is one of the many reasons I so so so so so want a go pro. Anyway, at 3 was the rehearsal for Graces christening and getting home at 3:15 meant Mum and Kiera had completely missed it. 

I stayed at home in the sunshine with Luke and took this time to try my vodka and fizzy berry (after the first few its actually quite nice) and it turns out I may have drank a little more than I thought. I remember refusing to go outside in case I set a bad example to Kiera (by which time it was probably too late), stealing Kieras twirl from her hand and then telling Luke to give her his because I felt bad. I remember sitting on the floor telling Mum I was fine while messing with eating some masking tape (don't ask me I have no idea) and touching Luke's nose multiple times as I was unable to the first time  so I felt the need to repeatedly do this so he got the message. I am a giddy drunk apparently and I should have figured that when I thought it was so funny pouring my own drink and pointing a lot. Not sure how I feel about going out at prom anymore- hopefully it'll be better when everyone is as tipsy as I was. 

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