Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A selfie solution

I hate selfies. I hate the awkwardness of it all, but being a blogger is slowly making me more comfortable with taking pictures of myself and allowing other people taking photos of me but thats not quite enough. I hate that when me and Luke go out there are loads of perfect photo opportunities but we can only ever get shoulder high shots through the front camera (see exhibit C). I hate that when I want to take an outfit photo or god-forbid a full length photo then I have to settle with mirror selfies (see exhibit A) or self timer selfies (exhibit B). 
Exhibit A: mirror selfies

Exhibit B: self timer selfies (confession- this one was actually taken as a screenshot from a video)
Exhibit C: front camera selfies

I want to take photos of my outfit by the flowers outside on my own. I want to set my phone up, press a button and have the perfect picture of me and Luke together. I don't want to use self timers, mirrors or ugly wired remote shutter releases. 

I'm sure I'm the only blogger who cannot take their own picture to save their life, I've tried self timers and thought surely it can't be that difficult. But is it average that you take between 30-50 photos and only end up liking and using 3? I'm sure you all have a secret dedicated photographer following you around on a daily, even hourly basis snapping outfit photos, food photos and even group photos, which is why I've had to cheat.

Lifestyle and fashion bloggers take note. Rtrivr allows you to wirelessly take pictures with your phone! No more finding the perfect angle so your phone doesn't show up in the mirror pic. No more cropping your arm out of the front camera photo. No more turning the flash off so it doesn't reflect off of the mirror, then editing in light and no more bending down to get perfectly in the frame before the timer goes off!  And its so small, I've had to put it on a key ring so I don't loose it!

Rtrivr is a remote camera product which connects to your android through an app and communicates wirelessly through bluetooth, and its perfect. I ordered this late Sunday night and it arrived bright and early this morning so I could have a little play before its buried in my overflowing suitcase. It took me a while to decide if I really needed this and so I left it a little late with the ordering. It was obvious that if I wanted this to get the perfect kissing on the beach pic with Luke I'd have to actually pull my finger out and get this ball rolling. I sent them a quick email and got the nicest reply back saying they would rush it through for me and it should be at my door by Wednesday- and it was!

I love it! Here's some sample shots:

It also comes with a tripod (I already had from one of my other failed photo purchases I neglected to mention here) but this one is perfect for my phone, usb charging cable (simply get a usb mains charger to charge it on the move) and of course the rtrivr remote which has a perfect key chain shaped hole so you're never without it. 

This is the journey the Rtrivr made before it landed at my doorstep at dinner time in less than 3 days!

Want one? Get it from Bing Electronics within 5 days here! and they ship worldwide. Here's the product description from the website:

"The Rtrivr lets you wirelessly snap pictures with your phone with just a click on the remote. Pair your Android phone with the remote through Bluetooth, install the app and wirelessly control your camera shutter. A handy tripod is included which lets your position your phone exactly as you want it. On top of that, a 2-way anti loss function is built-in which allows you to signal your phone and when more than 30 feet apart, the Rtrivr will start vibrating. Taking selfies just became a whole lot easier"

Now there's no excuse for my blog lacking in outfit photos and full length shots. I already couldn't imagine my life without this. The best blog investment I've made!

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