Thursday, 29 August 2013

"Look at those pins!" Top must have pinterest categories. How'd you do that Thursday

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media, and as bloggers you've been told you're missing out if your not on the trend train. But finding great things to pin is the very tip of the iceberg! You wouldn't leave single recipes in different places, you'd organise them into a binder. So why should pinterest be any different? Your profile is the first thing people see on pinterest, so if it's an unorganised mess they are unlikely to click that little link to your website. 

If you take a look around websites like intructables and even pinterest itself you'll see how everything is organised into categories. However not all of the categories will be relevant. For example I will be a university student this september so home decor and meal planning is interesting, although there isn't enough for them to have their own categories so adding everything student into a category called 'Simply student' all the things I need are organised into one place. 

Here are some categories to consider having...
My Essential pinterest board categories
·         Food/ recipes
·         Technology/ gadgets (is this really needed now?)
·         Home décor (could tie in with university ideas/ is this needed now?)
·         Inspiration
·         Fashion includes jewellery whole outfits/ trends
·         Beauty includes hair, nails
·         How to’s
·         quotes
·         Blog posts – day trips?
·         blog post inspiration/ private?)

After narrowing down the categories you need, you can then start to think about what would be included in each one so your pins are neatly organised. If a pin fits into 2 categories then pin it in both! That way you'll always be able to find what you need. 

Other pins unique to me:
·         University ideas includes room decoration, food etc
·         Gifts- anniversary separate?/birthday ideas/ special occasions- parties
·         Holiday ideas/ dream holidays
·         A future life- pins for wedding etc home décor anything that may happen in the future
·         Randomly cool- ideas for a rainy day
·         Things … would love (gift ideas?)

Finally think of some creative names which describe what your board is about. The more unique the more chance you have of making someone click. 

Final pinterest boards complete with catchy names/ descriptions
·         Food for thought/ From ingredients to meals (food/ recipes)
·         Would I wear this? My personal style tastes (fashion, jewellery, shoes etc outfits)
·         Be beautiful (beauty- hair nails etc)
·         How’d you do that? (how to’s)
·         Quotable quotes / that aren’t clichés (quotes)
·         It’s a little bit personal / (blog pins)
·         Blog/random inspiration (private?)
·         Seriously (prudent) student (university ideas- food, décor)
·         A future life (wedding, home décor etc)
·         Randomly cool ideas for a rainy day (things I can’t do now)
·         Things you know who would love (gift ideas)
·         Dream destinations// the perfect holiday (travel)
·         This is what makes a party (special occasions)

And thats it! Make sure you follow me on pinterest!
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