Monday, 5 August 2013

Stuff the stigma!

 So I guess this is the part where I come clean. Many a time has a plain package come through the letter box with a handwritten address, leading to a series of questions beginning with "where did you get that from?" and ending with "why won't you tell me?". My family are even more suspicious when I appear wearing a new top or pair of leggings and its gotten to the point where I daren't wear the new clothes in front of them just so I avoid the questions. But why should I feel guilty for saving money? In fact, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Should I feel embarrassed that Poundland probably is my favourite "everything" shop? Or that buy second hand clothes when I shop online?  No, so why should you? 

I'm not completely snob-less. The clothes are washed before I wear them and at worst I buy new without tags on Ebay. But even doing that saves so much money! and as a student every single penny counts. In fact go to ebay right now, search the clothes section for a new dress for less than £5 (or even better look for lowest P&P) and honestly, you will be amazed. Make sure you link back here with your finds. 

This is just the beginning, over the next few weeks I'll be creating this series called 'Stuff the stigma!'. In future weeks their may be opportunities to link up but for now if you want to take part by writing a guest post or write a post on your own blog and then I'll create a round up of posts that fit in with this series (challenges will appear in future weeks and I'm open to suggestions) you can email me here, or comment below and I'll get back to you. 

Here are just 2 of my favourite and unique Ebay finds: 
This denim dress with a zip up back and pleated skirt which doubles as a very large purse.

 And  a red cut out body con dress from Boohoo. 

Both were BNWT (brand new without tags) and less than £5 including P&P. Be prepared to see more of my wardrobe in the next few weeks.

Whats your opinion on this? Is it something you have done/ will do? Or does the thought put you off? 

P.s. I haven't had a chance to wear these out yet so please excuse the mirror selfies but when I do you'll be the first to know. Possibly heading to town on Wednesday so it'll be a wardrobe revisit. If you want to see a post/ video for getting ready for town then let me know :)

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