Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentines day (or should I say night?) room decor

Creating a romantic setting at home is not as hard as it seems, and you probably have all you'll need sitting around the house. Valentines day doesn't have to cost a fortune as with some careful planning and re-purposing items you already have (even if its just temporarily) can make a big difference between spending a lot and not, with little effect on the overall evening. 

Be sure to make your bed, remove any obvious clutter and place some led candles (or real ones if you will be keeping an eye on them all night) around the room. Here I have used a led candle from poundland as well as some Christmas fairy lights also from poundland above the bed. I usually keep these items out all year to give my room a romantic and relaxing feeling. 

I like to decorate for valentines day (and you can see my post on valentines day decor here) so I incorporated lots of reds, pinks and flowers into my usual decor. Here I used some plain red flowers in a blue vase to tie the blue and reds together, if you read the other post you will see I have since swapped these flowers for some fake roses in a light pink vase (both bought from the 99p store) as I like to use the holidays as an excuse to swap out my decorative items and keep it new and fresh.

You could use real flowers, real candles or anything else you have on hand which you feel may make the room seem more cosy and romantic, perhaps add some throws or swap out the curtains to make a bolder statement. You can make a dramatic impact with things you already own- you don't have to go out and buy new things especially for decorating. 

Another tip is when buying decorative items try to go for pieces that will work well whatever season it is, and don't be afraid of buying lots of less expensive items rather than one big expensive item as quite often you have a much better range of decor to work with for a little amount of money and more options when it comes to styling with these pieces. And if you really don't like the look of something but like the shape, don't be afraid to change it- perhaps with spray paint or glitter to make it more to your taste. That way you have something you have made, something inexpensive and something that is to your taste! Win win win.

And after reading this you fancy turning your room into the perfect romantic setting for your evening then be sure to read my valentines 'love bag' essentials for the perfect checklist for a romantic night in.