Sunday, 4 August 2013

It's cool to play bingo!

Well, I think it is anyway and obviously so do a lot of teenagers. There was some kind of special offer on at Mecca in my hometown of Chesterfield that made it only £10 compared to the usual £24 (I know, £24 to play bingo!) so as you can imagine every seat was full. 

For our little date, me and Luke chose to go a little earlier (on advice from his Nana who is a bingo wizz) and have a bite to eat. The portions were a little small compared to a restaurant but I guess that's because it was only a cafe- not that I ate it all anyway. I spent hours reading how to play and naturally spent the first 3 games or so silently swearing and complaining how much I hated it. The old people (stereotypical, I know) were right on the ball and were like super brainy, their reaction times were out of this world. But it got better, in the very last game I was only 1 number away from the full house prize of £300! Typical.

I think we will definitely be taking a trip to a casino soon. I know what you're all thinking and no, I didn't win anything. Unless you count the £4 I won in the amusement bit afterwards (which Luke promptly took to another machine and lost. Several times before I swooped in and rescued my poor pound coins back). He wasn't too happy about that.
I can't see you taking a picture of me
 All games were variations of the same one so as you can imagine we didn't spend long there and headed back home just in time to miss another thunderstorm. I looove the heat and I love thunderstorms, so if it carries on I will be one happy bunny. 
If you follow me on instagram (@jaaadejade) you will already have seen this next picture (thats what you get for being so up to date on my life)

I also realised it is only 10 days until my practical driving test (eek!), 9 days until mine and Luke's 4 year anniversary! and 12 days until I get my a level results and find out if I'm going to study Law and Criminology at university! So a nervous week ahead!

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