Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summery striped maxi dress... from a warehouse!

The best thing about summer has to be wearing as many pretty dresses as possible, because in England when else do you get the weather to wear one? I love my new maxi dress from JTF (and if you've never been its the best place for inexpensive, one off fashion that no one else will be wearing guaranteed). I think I own only one other maxi dress as I don't feel as confident in them as I do in my usual jeggings and other tight fitting clothes. So when I find something unusual to my style that I like I have to get it! And the best part? It was only £8!

Although I also like (and you should try) thisthis and this from next as an alternative!
Wavy summer hair
These last few days have been filled with early morning carboots, gardening and plenty of ice lollies. I even had a Peppa Pig ice lolly yesterday when Grace came over. Although I think telling her to hurry up and eat Peppa because her face was melting sort of confused her. She also loves my coca cola lip smacker (in vanilla flavour) and its no wonder- its delicious! Perhaps that's why after 5 layers she started licking it out of the tube. 
Peppa pig icelollies
Luke and I also had a lovely (subway) picnic on the grass outside my window today, just making the most of the weather again before the storms are back. For pudding we enjoyed mini shortbread pieces I made earlier. Even though they turned out like shortbread cakes, they were really nice and didn't take long to polish off!
Short bread cakes
Mini short bread cakes
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