Monday, 9 September 2013

Catching up, life lately

I've been totally lacking on my blog and reading other blogs recently and while I haven't been jet setting around the world, I have been getting things sorted for university in just a few short weeks. I've been working on a university post which is already the longest post I've ever written and I haven't even hashed out the details. While you'll have to hang tight for that post, I hope you'll share it with anyone who may find it useful. 

Sadly not much else has been going on, I've barely even taken the car out, unless you count food and supply shopping? Yesterday we picked up the last straggly items on my list, which is mainly stationary and I then spent a good hour debating whether I really have to buy £90 worth of law textbooks which will only be useful until Christmas. In the end I decided to wait until I get to uni and then decide at a later date. Luke actually bought me the most expensive textbook, so I wouldn't have to shell out so much at once and be able to do a little reading. The only problem is that now that book has sentimental value and so I won't be selling it any time soon. Although it will make my dorm room look more studious! I picked up some law books from the library in the mean time. 

Luke has officially been told from the army that since there are no jobs in what he wants to do they will not be training anyone else, so his hopes of leaving for the army the same time I leave for university are dashed. I am actually so glad (but of course devastated with him), especially since I spent most of our Tunisian holiday cuddled up in his arms telling him how much I'd miss him  and that I really didn't want him to go (who would actually want to spend months away from their loved one?). This means he has signed onto job seakers allowance, but I can tell that was a waste of time because he has an interview today at subway! I am SO proud and I can tell he's excited because he had to ring me straight away to tell me. He's also started looking for houses to rent, but didn't consider moving and renting one in Staffordshire. I won't lie, this upset me a little, especially as when he was going to be training in surrey, surrey university was my top choice for a while. So we spent a little of last night looking at houses, houses we may be able to afford in the future and some unrealistic ones all in the staffordshire area. We even looked at a pub conversion! And finally I figured out what the next steps could be after I have taken my degree, and found a couple of offers for the training contract that looks absolutely fantastic! But one step at a time for now.

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