Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Chatsworth country fair

Wow, it doesn't seem like 3 seconds since I wrote my last blog post, but here I am again. This time to tell you about the Chatsworth country fair, which doesn't come around very often. I took loads of pictures because there was lots to take pictures of. I even sneakily took a few videos as well!

There were dancing diggers, dog racing (but we left Maddie at home), classic army car exhibition  and loads more that we didn't get too see. 

The red arrows even made an appearance,I videoed the whole show  and will be up on youtube soon, but here's a little teaser.

Around dinner time Mum and Kiera decided they would go and find the Top Model tent, which we then spent all day searching for. While me and Luke qued for the toilet, we managed to loose them. There was absolutely no signal there, so after we had been separated from them for almost 4 hours we sent out a missing person thing on the tanoy and told them to meet us at the helter skelter. Half an hour came and went and their was still no sign of them. We even used their full names so they were in no doubt it was us. Me and Luke headed back to the car, expecting them to jump out at us, but they didn't. Luckily we had the car keys and the rest of the picnic to occupy us until they appeared. It was great fun but maybe not worth the £80 it costed for us all to get in. That is ridiculous!

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