Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Delayed. Holidaying in Tunisia and meeting Annie

I saved blogging until tonight so I could write the post on my brand new laptop, Annie! Bearing in mind I had 2 days to chose the laptop which would last me through university and only made the decision yesterday morning, I made the perfect choice. An Acer Aspire V5121 is my new blogging companion. So its only right that Annie gets to publish the many holiday photos as the first blog post. 

Before we even took off the plane was in trouble. A light wouldn't stop flickering and a computer wouldn't start (they even turned the whole plane off and back on again) and so an hour later we were unloaded due to technical programs and told to be on the plane again in an hour and a half. This time came and went and slowly every plane departed until only flight TCX5402 was left in the terminal. In East Midlands airport no flights depart after 11 and after finding out via google that every hour we are delayed more compensation was deserved, it became even less likely that we were ever going to get to Enfida. 

Eventually we were told that the plane wouldn't be fixed and so we spent roughly 3 hours in a local hotel before traipsing back to the airport for the 8am flight. The Thistle hotel had the comfiest beds imaginable! £16 worth of vouchers each spent on sweets and a meal deal later, me and Luke finally joined Nan, Granddad, Kiera, Dad and Helen to catch the plane. We could see the plane we were supposed to catch the night before was still being fixed. This time though, we safely landed in Tunisia to be greeted by welcoming gift of a rose before heading to the hotel and finally beginning our holiday. 

During our holiday we mainly did the same things. Visiting the beach, enjoying the hotels waterpark and just generally sunbathing or spending time in the pools. I loved Tunisia but having blonde hair and blue eyes meant I was hassled a lot. One night there was a beach party and we managed to convince Kiera and Olivia to come with us. It was so much fun once we had a few vodka lemonades! Especially the foam party! 

Before I knew it, it was time to go home. The weather must have known as it started to rain. Thunder and lightening included! Flying home in the storm was scary especially as it was majorly turbulent. With very little sleep being interrupted with sudden drops and shaking doesn't represent the most peaceful sleep. I slept most of the way home, which was a good job as while Luke and Kiera took a nap, I stayed up and spoke to Mum. Which wasn't so bad as after food shopping, I was treated to breakfast in sainsburys, which is actually delicious. 

I am so glad I took the Rtrivr as it meant I got some amazing photos as Olivia and Harrison were just as obsessed as I was by it. If you haven't already got one I suggest checking out my review and buying one pronto! Here are some of the many photos that were taken with it:

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