Thursday, 21 November 2013

I've just bought a wedding dress for £1 and I'm not even engaged. Am I crazy?

The answer is yes... probably. So I've just bought a wedding dress, and I'm not getting married... yet! Luke basically told me we're getting engaged pretty soon, maybe that's what inspired me to type "wedding dresses" in the search bar. What came up was a gorgeous greek-style wedding dress (especially suited for when I get married on the beach) for just £1 with free delivery (from Romania, but that's irrelevant right?) how could I possibly turn it down? And if it so happens that life doesn't work out that way, I'm sure there's another occasion I can wear this beautiful dress... maybe at a toga party!
And I've just found the most perfect house for our future life, it needs a little love but we have all the time in the world. Within walking distance of all the essentials like food, transport and schools but big enough and bare enough for us to put our own stamp on it. I'm in love! Best part is after I graduate we will be able to afford this with only a 5 year mortgage :D maybe more if we do it all up in one go. I'm so excited.