Friday, 29 November 2013

The time vs money conundrum

You may remember the strange post around 10 days ago (has it really been that long?!) where I detailed my not so normal ways I'm managing to save money. Well, I've stepped it up a bit. The exams have started and although they don't count for much, its an easy excuse to stay in and not spend any money. And I've been excelling on that front. 

I've managed to cut my shopping right down from around £25 per week for one person to just under £10! Hopefully when I've stopped buying so many essentials like laundry powder (soda crystals are cheaper, last longer and do a better job) and sweets I can cut it down even further. Sadly though, this week's shopping may be a little bit more expensive in order for me to get the supplies needed to cut it down even further, which of course will save me more money in the long run. 

Last weekend when I went home I spent a good 30ish hours perfecting my spreadsheet. It now covers e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and even calculates it. This was all because I couldn't find a suitable budget for an academic year, but now I feel so accountable for putting every penny I spend into the spreadsheet that I'm feeling like I may just fall off the band wagon in the summer. Hopefully I have figured out a way to solve my problem by then!

Yesterday I completed a bio for a famous photojournalist and so that will be £10 to put towards my date with Luke in 2 weeks. I have also got an interview for a position but unfortunately I'm unable to undertake as its not remote work. But hopefully getting an online job will allow me to create some savings by February, as Decembers savings and some of January's savings will have to be used to repay myself what I've lent myself to spend extra in my loan from October and early November (so basically, yes I am in debt to myself- the best kind). 

I've become more aware of that fact that if you have no time you're likely to spend more money but if you have lots of time then things can be done and made rather cheaply. 

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