Saturday, 2 May 2015

My wardrobe adventures in remixing, capsule's and minimalist an update

I'm still editing down my wardrobe to only things I'll definitely wear and absolutely love. This isn't going so well, I have so many pretty dresses that I've worn at least once and that I just can't throw away. As a student I do go out a lot so as they are still being worn and are part of my current lifestyle then I think I'll just have to admit that I have more dresses than I need. Perhaps in the future I'll pull out the nude sparkly knee length dress and assess whether I really do still wear and love it or whether it's just sitting there to make it look like I have pretty clothes. 
My wadrobe, the far right hanging clothes are Luke's as are the very bottom shelf.
I do think I am doing well though, I have removed a lot of clothes I'd never wear and have bundled them up in the loft. The only downside of this is that I immediately second guess my decision and end up going back up in the loft to fetch it down and while I'm up there I'll notice another item that I'd previously forgotten about and bring it down just to look pretty in my wardrobe again and never wear. 

I feel like I could get rid of a lot more clothes if the weather would just stay hot! How can I decide if I really need and wear all the crop tops and playsuits if the weather is no where near warm enough?! I have been wearing a lot more of my wardrobe and even strayed out of jeans a few times but I still feel like I have too many clothes- when I sit and look in my wardrobe it hits me that I am unlikely to wear 80% of it, but I still can't throw it away. Although its definitely getting easier- I'll just have to continually edit rather than have a big purge all at once. Hopefully I shall keep up wearing more of the items in my wardrobe and not just revert back to jeans, I can see I'm really going to struggle with that in the colder weather as tights really aren't my thing. 

Do you have any favourite remixable wardrobe essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

Also I'm thinking of doing outfit posts of some of my capsule wardrobe, is this something you'd be interested in?