Monday, 20 April 2015

My new minimalist/ capsule wardrobe on a student budget

With the prospect of leaving home for good next year and renting a house with Luke I have started to cut down on the stuff I keep but don't really need or want, specifically my wardrobe. 

I have quite a few clothes, and so many beautiful pieces but nothing to wear them with so they just get to sit on the hanger looking pretty. I've looked at a capsule wardrobe but changing my clothes seasonally probably wouldn't work for me, so I'm aiming for a wardrobe full of clothes I wear and love year round. I have separated my summer clothes into different shelves in my wardrobe (one for tops and one for shorts/ 3/4's) so in a way I guess it is a capsule wardrobe but without the hassle of searching through piles of clothes every 3 months. 

I have sorted through my wardrobe and got rid of lots of items that I don't or wouldn't wear for various reasons. I have also pulled out all of the clothes which need ironing (because I'm lazy and the prospect of ironing something just to be able to wear it that day doesn't appeal to me) and the clothes which need mending. I've also turned the hangers on some items I have given myself a second chance to wear and then if I don't choose them at the earliest chance I have to wear them then I will donate them. 

I have also been shopping (mainly primark) for the basics which means I can wear those nice skirts and have some tights (I actually bought mine from poundland), new jeans etc. Somehow my wardrobe was missing plain sleeved tops in grey, black, nude and white. I think this is because when I had these tops they weren't matched with anything (because I had a very bland sense of style) and just worn on their own so were donated, but now thanks to pinterest I know exactly how I want to style these items. Today I have also bought some cardigans and new shoes from everything £ which will hopefully add some more basics to my wardrobe. 

In a few days when I have had chance to recover from the purge I will go through and do it all again. Especially aiming to get rid of those clothes I have given myself a second chance to wear again. 

Have you ever completed a capsule wardrobe? let me know in the comments