Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Where has the time gone?! An appologetic, rambling post on what's going on.

For a while I had put this blog on hold. 

I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take and whether I wanted to share some deeply personal things that had happened and caused me to take some time out and re evaluate. And then someone I know found this blog, and it scared me. I guess that's the risk of writing about people on the internet. Although I was usually very careful about what I published, I couldn't guarantee that every word I had written was not going to offend someone in some way or let slip some little detail that shouldn't be on the internet. 

I guess I was also embarrassed, Blogging was (and is?) my secret hobby, no one really knew the extent to which I blogged and the websites I have written content for. I'd hate for people who I dislike to know details they shouldn't know about or be interested in (and I do know someone people who would find the information and use it to make fun of me) but I guess that is the risk of writing about your life on the internet. 

I've had some time to think and I would love to start blogging again. I have some pretty exciting things coming up this year (getting married, graduating university and moving away!) but the stress of having to recreate stories and life events perfectly summed up in a short post was overwhelming and as a result I have missed documenting some important milestones in my life these past few years. 

For fun, I did an experiment where I created a whole new blog (complete with something new- a youtube channel!) in preparation for documenting my adventures this year, to see if without the pressure I still enjoyed blogging. While it was fun to start with, life soon caught me up and the style of blog I wanted to create was what I had already achieved with this one. I loved the name, I loved the layout, I loved everything. But the prospect of re evaluating every post I had already written, as well as the knowledge that some people I wish to keep out of my life already had this blog address was stopping me reclaiming my blog. 

I'm still not sure whether to just continue and take my blog in the direction I want to go (which means also vlogging my adventures) or continue with my experimental blog and just start from the beginning. 

So I'm reaching out to any readers out there, who may have some advice or some tips for me? 

Thank you if you've read to the end of this really long post. I'd also like to apologise to all of the lovely people who have left me comments which I haven't replied too. Previously I'd get a notification when someone left a comment so I could reply but for some reason I haven't been, so I assumed I didn't get any comments. Sorry again.