Saturday, 4 August 2012

A little bit nutty

While on holiday I had the misfortune of eating a pistachio nut- shell and all. Although a little salty (I'm not a nut girl so I was unaware the shell wasn't meant to be eaten) it seemed perfectly alright. Until I attracted stares from across the room and snorts of laughter from the red-faced onlookers. Obviously nothing was more amusing to a bar full of drunk holiday-makers at 2am in the morning (they then proceeded to line dance for the next half an hour). While I was in the middle of chewing the extremely crunchy nut someone enthusiastically blurted out I had made the rookie mistake of eating the shell. Needless to say I immediately felt the urge to get rid of the (now) foul tasting nut and the next few minutes were not pleasant.
Ultimately I discovered that the shell of the pistachio nut actually makes it taste better than the squigy pistachio nut did on its own.
This piece of advice I was given after the incident could've saved me from one of the most embarrassing things I could've done on the first night of my holiday but then I wouldn't have a fantastic and unusually unique story to share: "don't try a new food without watching someone else eat it firsttry at your own risk.

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