Saturday, 4 August 2012

Finders keepers

I remember being on holiday as a little girl and as i was playing in the shallows of the sea, scooping up a handful of sand (for my sand castle as little children do) and finding a really nice beaded necklace. I remember telling my dad how lucky i thought i was to have found it and he simply remarked that its lucky for me but very unlucky for the person who lost it. That conversation is never far from my mind when i find something, and as of today my most valuable find is a set of keys belonging to a yatch which were washed up on a beach. I love beach combing I love the whole not knowing of what you might find. Once I found an archery stick and dart which was very strange. The last most valuable thing I found was a ring, although it was bent out of shape and sadly has a diamond missing because it is really pretty. I struggled for days with the morality of keeping it, but as the area I live isn't anywhere near the top of the best places to live list I figured it was better and safer with me.
Ever found anything valuable beach combing?

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