Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The future is supposed to be scary, its full of the unknown, but when you have someone to hold your hand, it doesn't seem that bad afterall!

Today I got another conditional offer! Hoping to join the club of all 5 offers like some of my friends but we'll see. 

With exams and Nana in hospital the future isn't really my focus. I love the present- I hate the stress  and the upset but I love the people in my life. Like the rest of my family Luke has been a massive support system and has been there no matter what. I love them. I love him. 

Next September is the scariest, when we'll say goodbye. Its too early to talk about on here as it makes me so upset but hopefully when I'm forced to acknowledge it I will be able to talk about it easier. But when he says things like this I know were going to be more than fine <3 hopefully the future brings something good for us!
When he says things like this I know we'll be more than fine <3

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