Sunday, 10 February 2013

Its been snowing! Happy birthday Nana

I love the snow! In fact its snowing right now. 

Visiting Nana today she swore it was snowing, but there was absolutely no snow anywhere until we were literally at the top of the road. So, of course I had to send L a few pictures, just to rub it in of course! 

The snow, taken out of the window 

It was a celebration of her birthday. We went to the Admiral Rodney, a pub near her house and it was great. Everyone came and then headed back to keep warm and of course eat the cake!

Nana's birthday cake
Even though it was delayed (because of the operation just a few months ago) she still acted surprised and said she spent all day practicing her surprised face. It was actually very convincing. So the surprise meal that wasn't actually a surprise was a great success. 

Happy birthday Nana!! 
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