Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Skiing in Les Deux Alpes, France :)

A panorama of an evening snowboarding outside the hotel
So, I'm back! The best part of skiing is watching people fall over and luckily the GoPro was there to capture everyone, so I'll upload a couple of those videos within the next week.  I genuinely had a great week even if I did fall over 7 times, which isn't that bad except only last year I fell over the grand total of 1 time. My greatest fall was into a rock with the front of my skis which I'm strangely proud of. And even though it was -16 at the very top I still managed to get a decent suntan, even if I do have a slight case of goggle panda eyes.

Everyone having a rest
The hotel was great, but I didn't have much time to research since we (Me, Dad, Helen, Rachel and Ben) only found out we were actually going late evening on Thursday 14th and were flying in the early morning of Saturday 16th. It was catered and so I still haven't quite got used to not having freshly baked croissants for breakfast and a fry up. 

The Irish pub below our hotel
The frozen snowman I made

The view from the front of the hotel. Icicles!
The village from a black run!

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