Monday, 17 June 2013

My very last exam..

My final exam was today and it was meant to be the toughest one yet! I actually enjoyed it and the last question "is Psychology a science?" was the perfect one to end 2 years studying on. I also had a list of jobs to complete after my exam which went something like:
  • Give textbooks back- sounds straight forward but I didn't back on the huge crowd of people that would put me behind for my next task
  • hand in my locker keys- I earnt £8 today *not from my freelance work*
  • change my school password and email all of the university correspondence to myself. While doing this I came across an email from my I.C.T teacher which said something along the lines of "your work has been moderated, grades have stayed the same so it's what you'll get in summer check out the share drive" Okay so maybe it was a little fluffier but the basics were the same. ** I immediately open the drive and there it was... a file named "overall marks" I can't tell you how fast my heart was beating but if it wasn't for all that cardio with Insanity I'm sure I would have passed out! And this is what I saw...
    I passed! Better than that I got  a DISTINCTION!!
I had passed! I even got a DISTINCTION which is equivalent to an A. Mum picked me up and we went to McDonalds after, its such a great feeling going from feeling hopeless to having no worries, no cares and nothing to do.  I also have a very very real possibility to getting into uni. I hope Luke achieves his grades aswell. I am so proud of him, he worked so hard and he really deserves it. He acts like he doesn't care but I know he worries just as much as I do.

**Since I.C.T is a full coursework subject we finished in May. I had a load of trouble with teacher not marking it in time until it got to the weekend before moderation and she refused to mark it. Long story short I had all the things I needed in it, she just wasn't willing to help me in favour of getting everyone in the class to pass which didn't happen anyway. I am so happy, my worries have just all disappeared and I feel like anything is possible. I worked so hard for this qualification and gave up so much time to redo work I feel like I should have got it 3 times over! Time to enjoy summer now

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