Thursday, 7 March 2013

Its deffinately NOT results day today!

Today was the first time I cried on results day. I mean I always had a little tear or two when I got a ‘C’ or even a ‘D’ as well as the overwhelming feeling I should’ve done better.  But today I properly cried, like rivers of tears. I was that person who cares too much. I ran out form and used about 3 rolls of toilet paper. It’s only been an hour since I’ve got my results and it all doesn’t seem as bad as before I suppose. I still failed today. For the very first time. I got a ‘U,’ an ‘E’ and a ‘C’. How will I get into uni if I get this in summer? These results were going to give me an idea at what uni to aim for. By the looks of it uni is out of the equation. I mean, all is not lost, I can re-sit. But do I REALLY want too? All the effort I put in, it was all for nothing. The sad thing is I thought I did really well. The resit I paid for, what a waste of money that was! A ‘B’ in psychology overall isn’t too bad but it’s dashed my chances of an ‘A*.’ Did I really have a chance of getting that though? The truth is probably not.  

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