Sunday, 16 June 2013

A little catch up

Sorry I've been absent. It is exam season after all. I think one of the reasons I considered abandoning this project was the lack of time I had. I mean there is no android blogging app. I like to be able to view my blog the way others do so I can change the formatting and what not. I also felt like I had to hide a few things away in case people read it and figured out who it was about and I thought I couldn't deal with much other drama. That's not the purpose of this blog. This blog is for me, for my work and for my feelings. Starting today this is a new me blog. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of what I've been up too:
1) I've been active on Instagram. You may have noticed some of the pictures from there ------------>    I also have the username @jaaade (I currently use @jaaadejade) but I'm unsure what to do with that yet. My original plan was to immediately start using @jaaade but then I found some new followers thanks to number 2.
2) I started insanity! You know the hardest workout ever brought to DVD? Yeah that one. I'm now on day 23, so that means we're over 1/3 of the way through. Originally me, Kiera and Luke began but now its just me and Luke which is still great as Kiera joins on the fun ones. 
3) Inspired by all the support I got from Instagram about doing insanity I started a GooglePlus page ( as I got fustrated with all of the facebook groups being private and in-your-face and whatnot. Which has been great! I mean theres only 13 members but almost everyone participates and is extremely supportive and thats what its all about.
4) I fell out with quite a few family members. I won't go into too much detail but they don't seem to realise I've grown up and I'm not going to sit back and take all of the crap they throw at me. I especially won't take it if they insult/ upset Kiera, Luke, Mum or even Nana. 
5) Yesterday we sadly had to put my Nana's dog Flash down after he had a stroke. He was only a puppy when Kiera was a baby and so we've sort of grown up with him. R.I.P Flash you will be missed everyday.
6) I started freelancing! It allows me to be creative and also gives me something to do in the long months that follow exam season with nothing to do. Most of my friends volunteer but I feel like I've volunteered my time to everything I possibly can, although I sorta wish I'd have waited til monday to start. I need some money for uni in September *fingers crossed* and if I can stay in my pjs all day and do it even better! I'll post a few links to my articles when I can :)
7) I am 18 in just over a week! It's scary but I can't wait. At the moment I feel like people don't respect me as an adult and still see me as a child and assume they can get away with treating me like that. It's been a long battle but hopefully the big 1-8 will help me drill it into their heads. Having a family BBQ next next weekend aswell which is something I'm looking forward too. 
8) I really need to book my driving test. Oh yes, I passed my theory! Had insurance on mums car for a bit but now really need to pass for some ID that I can take everywhere and what wont run out for a while. 
9) Still having a few problems with Luke's mum. Its annoying and she certainly doesn't hide the fact she hates me. I honestly don't care but its starting to get to me. Its not a great feeling being disliked by quite a few people (mainly my family) but its got to be a much better feeling than being jealous of a 17 year old. Oh well, I'm me and I like being me. Its their problem not mine. 

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