Friday, 21 June 2013


I've been keeping myself busy with my new job as a freelance writer, although I get a lie in the deadlines mean I have to do 2 articles daily to keep on target. I admit I've missed a few days but I set the completely unrealistic target of completing them a week early so I have the money for my birthday which explains my lack of sleep and blogging at 5am. Which reminds me I still have no idea what I want to do for my bday... we're having a BBQ in a weeks time so I guess that counts. Luke was obsessed with the idea of a casino but it seems too stressful- I'm worried we'll do so much that week that we'll be bored and have done everything for the rest of the holiday.

In other news I booked my practical test. 13th of August at 7:43am! Thought it'll mean less people on the road but we'll see. It also means that my long list of things to do has been reduced. I've forwarded all of my school emails to myself- applied for a scholarship and even found time to walk Maddie to the postbox. 

Going back to the articles- 20 (10 already titled + 10 of my own) in a week? In fact it's less than that more like 2 days. Figured 5 ish per day or if I stay up all night again we'll see how many I can get done. I actually enjoy this work. Luke's going to visit his Nana so hopefully I'll get a little more done. 

P.S. I almost forgot to mention my swollen ankle... must've damaged it during Insanity but carried on for a few days because I couldn't see a bruise. Wasn't till I sat crossed legged on the floor (because no one would let me on the settee) that I saw how badly swolen it was! It was like I didn't even have an ankle bone. Its almost been a week and its not going down- its not painful as such more like a dull ache but I'd hate to spend the rest of the summer in an ankle cast- imagine the tan lines!!