Monday, 22 July 2013

A long weekend in Hobourne Bashley

This weekend we went to Hobourne Bashley as part of the Sun's holiday deal. The weather was amazing- still around 27 degrees while it was rainy and cloudy at home. We spent most of our time looking for a fish and chip shop! I chose that park because it had everything, bingo, mini golf, tennis, sauna, indoor and outdoor pool and we had a go on almost everything. It was the perfect place for a weekend. We visited a couple of car boot sales where I bought this wishbone ring for only £1, I'm in love with it.

Wishbone ring
My new ring
We also spent a lot of time at the beach even though it was a little pebbley and I went in the English sea for probably the first time with a little coaxing from Luke.

Beach at Hobourne Bashley
Hobourne Bashley
There were wild horses in the fields and shops like "The witches covern" which made it so unique, but even though its so far away we definitely will come back because it was such a great weekend! Now we're looking for a more adventurous holiday now we have all summer.

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