Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The heatwave is over!

Mini chocolate cupcakes
White & purple flowers
After the amazing weather we have been having, this morning I jumped out of bed ready to put on my bikini and head straight outside. That was until I actually looked outside and saw the rain bouncing off the window, shortly followed by thunder & lightening! Luke and I decided to make some mini chocolate cupcakes from a mix we found in the cupboard to pass the time and they were delicious. And then I found out that Mum insured me again today for another month so the rest of the day was spent driving around. We headed straight to JTF (after me and Luke got frustrated trying to find the perfect holiday at a suitable price) where I bought a couple of new holiday outfits for the holiday we haven't yet booked.

I also found this video from the weekend of Luke and I in the sea. It's random- I know.

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