Sunday, 28 July 2013

A world record attempt! Bounce to make it better day at Stand Road park!

Have you ever wondered what 3,000 people bouncing on space hoppers looks like? Well today me and Luke joined in Bounce to make it better day held at Stand Road park by the Childrens Hospital. In order to raise funds for the hospital we attempted a world record attempt of 3,000 people bouncing on space hoppers for one minute.

There's no news if we actually broke the record but after the minute had passed, at least 75% of people continued bouncing and continued for 16 whole minutes. If all of us bouncing on space hoppers for 1 minute didn't break the record, I'm sure we did for 16 minutes!
Here's the official bio:
"The Children’s Hospital support 3,572 patients from Derbyshire alone and to break the record we want 3,572 of you joining us to help us and get bouncing mad. We are going to attempt to break the current world record of 2,943 people bouncing on space hoppers at any one time. For £10, each participant will receive their very own space hopper and pump to keep, along with the chance to be a part of breaking the Guinness World Record with Peak FM and The Children's Hospital!"
Luke and I signed up pretty much after it was announced on the radio, and then the date was moved and we weren't sure if we would be on holiday. I'm glad we weren't it was so much fun and we got a chance to be apart of a world record attempt!
After bouncing for 16 minutes, we started to get hungry so headed to the pub down the road. Luke made sure it was after half 12 because apparently visiting a pub any earlier makes you look like an alcoholic!
We settled on a spicy tex mex sharer, with the promise I could have the one I wanted next time. It was sooo spicy and to say spicy food isn't my favourite I really enjoyed it. Here's the description since I was too hungry to snap a pic.
"Sticky chicken wings coated in spicy Heinz Chipotle Sauce, cajun onion rings, spicy nacho chips smothered in melted Cheddar cheese, guacamole, spicy salsa, jalapenos and cool sour cream, served with chilli beef for dipping"
We then had a pudding to share and wandered down the canal home for a nice walk. We stopped by all our favourite places and enjoyed each others company.  It was a long day but so much fun! I am really enjoying saying yes to every opportunity and not letting fear stop me. Try it!

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