Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm now (back) on Pinterest!

Like most of my profiles on other social media, I signed up to pinterest ages ago, added a few people and even downloaded the app and then never went on it again. I sort of decided (when I vowed to blog more often) that twitter and instagram would be the main ones I would use for my blog. (Links for the profiles at the bottom of the post:) )

But then I noticed websites wanted to know how many likes your facebook page has or how many re-pins your pinterest board has (can you tell I have no idea about pinterest?). I then created a facebook page and somehow got 23 likes within a few days!  I joined bloglovin because I also realised hardly any bloggers actually use the blogger dashboard to keep up to date with their blogs (I was definately missing out with that one!) and got 217 followers- I had no idea so many people actually read my blog.

I still love twitter and instagram and update them daily but I now need to get more involved with blogger link ups. I feel like I silently stalk lots of blogs and now need to get mine out there. Pinterest seems like a great way to show the images that don't make it to my blog, twitter or even instagram. 

I've even started taking more videos (influenced by the instagram video) and uploading them to youtube. Not quite as comfortable adding a video without editing it first like I am with my instagram pictures but I'm getting there!

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