Saturday, 13 July 2013

Prom number 2 (and my first night around town)

I always think of the prom at the end of year 11 as my prom. I went with Luke, I had a dream dress and even though it was no where near close to what you imagine prom to be like after watching all those movies it was a good night. 
Me and Luke at prom 2011

The sixth form prom was so much different. It was civilized... we even had wine! You may remember Danielle from Showing your true colours was coming over to get ready. Well she arrived in the mid day heat- we had a few drinks before heading to get ready and be at prom for 7:30. I decided on the grey dress and I definitely made the right choice! Prom was actually quite good, lots of food and photos. Not much dancing though until our group headed to the dance floor which everyone then joined in!

English crew reunited 1 last time

2013 prom table number 7

Me & Danielle
Wine, orange juice and a name tag = year 13 prom

Dinner started with Tomato and mozzarella bruschetta on crisp leaves drizzled with basil dressing, Main was Chicken Breast wrapped in smoked bacon on a rich tomato sauce (which wasn't that nice sadly) and Profiteroles (but by then I was too full and so I was only able to eat 1).
Starter- Tomato & Mozzarella bruschetta
Dessert- profiteroles
The plan all along was to head to town afterwards but during the starter (which was amazingly nice) Danielle decided she'd much rather go home, which I wasn't that surprised about. Luke and I still decided to go out since it'd be my first night out (not that I can remember much about it!). I found out some of my other friends were going around town and so we agreed to meet them there. However on the bus there Luke decided to ruin the night... the conversation went something like this... 

"Me: are you sure I look alright?" 
"Luke: yeah a bit overdressed for town though" 

That was it and I cried. I cried on the bus all the way there and continued crying for around 30 minutes on a street away from all of the people. In the end after lots of arguing I decided he wasn't going to ruin the rest of the night- I was not going home disappointed and vowed never to talk to him again in the morning. I remember lots of drinking and lots of toilet trips. We bar hopped, we drank and we generally had a good time- just the 2 of us. Eventually we bumped into the people I was supposed to meet- and refused to go with them as a sort of punishment for them not inviting me. I danced and sang (apparently)... and it takes a lot for me to do that. 
Luke and I before prom
Luke and I before prom
Around 2 we met up with Luke's friend Rob who was working in a bar after he had finished. I'm sure he wasn't there long but I genuinely have no idea. I just wanted to be with Luke. Of course Rob was sober and I'm so glad Luke has finished college because I'm pretty sure we did some embarrassing things. I don't remember getting home but I'm so glad Luke was with me- have I mentioned I LOVE him? It took around 16 hours from when I got home to start feeling normal again (from 4am- 8pm) but I've been told that's a sign of a good night... and it really was!

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